• Alexandra G

up with the sun

Good foggy morning my friends!

Today I decided to get up with the sun. In times when things feel too big and out of control, it’s good to take a breath and be grateful for the things you can control, like when to get out of bed.

Keeping some routine to your days is helpful to stay grounded, maybe even adding something new, like getting up to watch the sun rise. I started with my secret stash of Dunkin Donuts coffee, put on a big scarf, lit a candle (made with love), and sat on my front porch. I can’t say it was a beautiful sunrise, or that I could even see it through the fog, but I got to see how everything outside started to do their morning routines.

The birds bounce between houses and feeders, the street cats start stretching their legs, and it all felt very calming and okay.

So I think I’ll do it again tomorrow! Anybody want to join me with the sun?

Just keep hanging in there, take this one day at a time, control the things you can, and when you can’t - find something in there that you can. My go to, and it’s the simplest thing, is to light a candle. Adding extra light and warmth, I decide when its lit and when I blow it out, and it brings me peace to watch, kind of like being mesmerized by a bonfires flames.

What things do you guys do, that you can control and bring you peace?

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